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Anti-copy paper

We produce Anti-copy paper in order to prevent copying or scanning of the original document


ㆍ Special mark appears on any form of copying, scanning, faxing.
ㆍ Clients can design their own special mark such as Logo or company name.
ㆍ Low price and high quality because we produce by ourselves.

Application cases

ㆍ Used in Korean standard certificates, test reports, guarantee.
ㆍ Used in KS organization, military camp, government, R&D center etc.

Electric sensor paper

Electric sensor gates can detect and prevent illegal outward flow of Electric sensor paper by activating alarms.


ㆍ Can detect Electric sensor paper in bags, notebooks and pockets.
ㆍ Can detect deformed (folder, crumpled) Electric sensor paper.
ㆍ Can stop illegal leakage at the moment, instead of tracing the routes later on.

Application cases

ㆍ Used in military, government, R&D secret information.
ㆍ Used in military camp, government, R&D, Atomic center etc.

Electric sensor solution

The solution that prevents illegal outward flow of confidential documents by detecting and activating alarms.

Sensor photocopier/scanner

Prevents unauthorized copying and printing by allowing the usage of only Electric sensor paper.
Activates alarms and stops working when unauthorized papers are used.

Time stamp solution

Verifies the date and the producer of electronic documents such as PDF.


ㆍ Print electric signature on the document when it is made such as PDF.
ㆍ Time stamped PDF can easily identify the producer and the time of production.
ㆍ Easily verify because of using PKI international and PDF standard.

Application cases

ㆍ Used in government, police, authenticity center.
ㆍ Used in government, investigation, police, court, etc.