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Private Military Company

Dear customers, thank you for visiting BlackSun PMC.

Blacksun is a Private Military Company (PMC) that specializes in Anti-copy paper, Artificial Intelligence, and Electricity/ ICT / Fire engineering.

Anti-copy paper prevents unauthorized copying and leakage of important documents and provides Time Stamp solution.

Artificial Intelligence business installs, maintains, and repairs Automatic traffic counter, Thermal imaging cameras, Access control system, and Optical sensing system.

Electricity/ ICT / Fire engineering designs, builds, maintains, and monitors the key facilities of government/ public organizations and military/ police/ fire departments.

Blacksun devote ourselves to the safety and development of the Republic of Korea and to the better life of our society.

Blacksun Chief Executive Officer Heeboo Lee.

Corporate Identity

Blacksun symbolizes the bright Sun that radiates through the darkness (Black) of solar eclipse..
The sx of our website is an abbreviation for success.

Company organization

Consists of the following business units : Anti-copy paper, Artificial Intelligence, Electricity/Communication/Fire engineering, Research & Development, Manufacturing factory, A/S center.

License and Patent

We have the License of Anti-copy paper, Artificial Intelligence, and Electricity/ ICT / Fire engineering biz. and R&D center and Factory.

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